Tuesday, March 20, 2012

tired tuesday

Work was a lot of different things.
I am happy to say that
it is going well,
even when I feel a tad overwhelmed at times.
At this job things seem to get
righted a lot sooner than at others
I've had and so the ride is not
as turbulent overall,
which is such a relief.
Had insomnia again.
So tired still.
Orthoman is very encouraging
and the sun shone today.
It is so unseasonably warm here
just as it is so many places.
Warm and Spring like.
But it is due to get cold again by the weekend.
We must be kind to each other
and seek to love and then love again.
I've been reading prayers
from St. Ephriam the Syrian's Psalter
and the one I am reading have
been so full of God's mercy
that I have been repeatedly


E Helena E said...

You are often in my thoughts, even when I don't comment.

Sarah Euphemia said...

Praying for rest for you, friend

Maria said...

I keep the Spiritual Psalter on my bedside table. Have you read his life in the back? Thinking of his answer to the woman who wanted to seduce him and of the way he outwitted a certain teacher of heresy always makes me smile.

elizabeth said...

Thanks E-H and Sarah!

Maria: I have read his life in the back; it is beautiful! I need to read it again sometime... :) it's such a lovely book...

Janelle thegeekywife said...

Wow: seeking to love and love again. Very encouraging, thank you. :)