Friday, March 30, 2012

I love Fridays in Lent

presanctified liturgies and our church meal after.
Such a special time.  

I went to the camera shop.
I can get a new upgrade to my little Sony camera for
cheaper than it is to repair mine.
Which is a bit of a bummer.
But not much I can do at this point.
So the verdict:
talked to my spiritual father about my
art/life/spiritual life question.
He explained that as long as one's art
does not replace one's spiritual life
or become one's main identity
so that one's spiritual life is merely an expression
of one's art
but that one's art comes
out of one's spiritual life...
he also confirmed that
writing can be therapeutic
and also a ministry to others.
And that one would begin to see through
the fruit of one's art if it was
becoming a hindrance or hurting
one's spiritual life.
So that was really helpful to me.
It's not always easy to recognize
one's desires
and actually a lot of the reading I do talks about
being wary of always trusting one's own judgement
in such things and that it is good
to check with one's spiritual father.
It's a real blessing to have this guidance.
One another note, he also said it's okay for me to
have two cameras.
I am so going to be on the
search and research for this.
I am going to see about possibly doing a
fish dinner next weekend
on Annunciation on Saturday...
just have to figure out who can come
and what time to do it at...

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GretchenJoanna said...

Yes! Those Presanctified Liturgies are most blessed, defying description. God bless you in these last weeks before Pascha!