Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Wednesday, Lent Week 2

Day 3 at work.
It went well.
Day 1 and 2 went well too,
but were more
After being in a job last fall
that ended up being
a bad scene
for me
at least
(still thanking God I am not there now)
I was a bit anxious about how
this new place would be.
Thank God
so far so good.
I love my colleagues.
I am working in
a real small
with librarians
and library technicians.
I get to find stuff
and do a little bit of cataloguing
and send Orthoman
quick email updates
on my breaks.
Needless to say,
starting a new job and new place
is leaving me quite tired
and feeling a bit like
I am tottering between
good health
ill health.
Orthoman comes this Friday.
I am thankful that God and
His Angels are
with us.


Victoria said...

the stress of a new job can be tiring. you are in my thoughts.

ps: I love that you call him orthoman. it makes me smile :D

Marfa said...

life is good ♥
just want you to know, that I'm very anxious to know who "orthoman" is...

Janelle thegeekywife said...

Indeed I am also thankful for our Holy Mother's protection & for the angels.

Glad the new job is off to a good start

elizabeth said...

Thanks all.

Marfa - thanks for caring. I value my privacy though and will not name or identify him on my blog. I have readers who I don't know in person or in the blog world. I need a lot of space and privacy (well as much as one can get as a public blogger) and am doing only what I feel comfortable with in terms of communication. Thanks for understanding. :)

I know you are happy for me and it is natural to be curious. But I know myself and must communicate only at levels that I am ready for.

Blessings on your day!

Marfa said...

yes...sometimes I wonder if I share TOO much ♥

privacy is good...and I respect that!