Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Edging towards the week's end

far from home, please keep praying for them.


I am in grief about a friend's struggles.


I saw my job coach today.

It was good.

But I can see that this may take a long time.

And I will be gone for the first half of December and then the second half is

n.c. Christmas etc so really

it is very possible that it will be in January before something job-wise lines up.

Of course we never know.

I am okay for money for now.

Lots of continued lessons in trusting God.


For the first time I am listening to the music that

I listened to a lot when I was working in my

last job.


I am grateful to God for His salvation and

for prayer.

Without our Heavenly Father,

the Saints and our church families,

I can't imagine

making it through.


ttownelizabeth said...

I totally agree with the last part of your post and I am continuing to Pray for Noah.

Joanna said...

So true about not making it without them. Prayers for Noah continue.