Thursday, November 10, 2011

Another Day

Pictures of my favourite tree.

Today is a day that I had to slog to get through.

But the point is that I am getting through.

Learned tonight of a dear friend's father being sick.

Cancer - we knew about it - but he is

more ill from it again.

Learned horrible news of a very old Orthodox church



We must take courage

and put our trust in Christ...

Lord help us!


Maria said...

Amazed to see the tree so green way up north there.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Maria!... actually they are pictures from a bit ago... not as much green now... at least on the trees! :)

beach babies said...

Wow, that bums me out about the church, but I suppose it shouldn't be a shock. . .
Love all the tree pics!

ttownelizabeth said...

Loved the tree pictures. It is really sickening that they are turning the church into a mosque.