Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thursday in Canada - Thanksgiving in the States

Picture from yesterday's snow.

It is melting already.

Today in the States is Thanksgiving.


It is also St. Menas' Day.


I was hit with lots of things at once;

the first of 3 or 4 times I got the bad face rash;

the first time was the worst.

I got the unexpected tax bill.

I almost had to go to ER for the rash.

I did not know if I had enough money

outside of my small from a few years back

pension that is still

a year later

is in the bank.

It's not enough really to do much in old age other than

provide for my funeral and burial

but at least it is still in tact.

I have

(and still continue),

like so many,

gone a year now

without knowing if I would have enough for rent

1 to 3 months down the road.


I have had moments where I rested in God and in His provision

and many where I fell and freaked out,

to put it in the vernacular :)


I have seen God and the Saints rescue me time and time again.

Like when my apartment plans fell through

2 weeks before I had to move

that I am still in now.

I did not know how much God was rescuing me until

I found out in late Winter that the apartment

I almost moved into

burnt down and the fire started in what would of been

my apartment with Cleo.


I've had God provide for me through unexpected ways

and suddenly giving me the job that I have worked on contract

in early Spring and in later Summer.


Through ways I could not foresee, control or predict,

God has provided for me,

food, shelter, friends and especially church family.


And I have been SO BLESSED throughout the years

with each of you.

You have encouraged me, prayed for me and loved me.

I have been showered with many blessings because

of your prayers and presence in my life.


A dear friend of mine told me about two months ago

that we go through many struggles in life

but our Christian friends help us through.

I really see this.

And I have seen how we have prayed for others as well.

Two years ago we prayed the Psalter for

who left us for heaven.

A year ago we prayed for Lucia

who the Lord took to Himself,

beautiful baby girl.

And this year we are praying for Noah

whose health continues to decline.

Noah is with his family this

Thanksgiving Day.


So in the end all this makes me think of

who taught me through his blog

that God is good

no matter what tragedies, heartache, and struggles we go through.

God is good.

He loves us. He does not abandon or forsake us

no matter how alone we may feel.

It is thanksgiving

and on this day I again seek also to say

Thank You.


E Helena E said...

A lovely post for Thanksgiving.

Sarah in Indiana said...

Thank you. None of us can be reminded too often of God's goodness and mercy. I would say this is the great theme for your writing, and one of the things that draws me here to read your words. Continued prayers for you.

Michelle M. said...

Beautiful post with a positive perspective.