Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 1 Nativity Fast 2011-2012

And so it begins;

the count down to Christmas

13 days ago or today

(Dec25/Jan 7).

I began reading Fr. Thomas Hopko's

Winter Pascha

see here for excerpts

and today was busy

researching for my proposal,

meeting my great job coach about it

and then coming home

calling my Mom

and finding out that somehow I or we or someone

had gotten their wires crossed as it were

and here I thought I was to go to Brampton to see my Oma

tomorrow and had my train ticket booked


and was aghast to find out that my family was coming the day after

and only for one night and then


I did not know if I was going to see my Oma with my family

but Via Rail

very kindly

changed my ticket to the next day.


Thank you God!

Thank you Via Rail for treating me like a human being

stuck in a jam with the wrong day booked for

the ticket!


I go Wednesday

come back Thursday

work on my proposal on the train both ways

and on Friday

and I fly Saturday afternoon to Michigan.

(Expeida was not so kind and would not change my ticket

to accommodate the new situation I was in

but that too I trust is from God and is for a reason).

I talked with a friend on the phone tonight

about wanting to do the Holy Supper

Christmas Eve

again this year.

I love how Fr. Thomas Hopko explains

that Christmas is

considered a three-day Pascha;

I am looking forward to entering Church

God willing

Christmas Eve

wearing red and anticipating the coming of our Lord

born in Bethlehem.

O Christ,

Light of the World,

Come Quickly

We need You and Your Saving Hand;

Lord, Come and make haste to save us!


E Helena E said...

Whew! So glad you were able to change the train ticket and will see your Oma. The hand of the Lord is in everything.

Kh. Patty said...

I haven't been able to read blogs much lately, but I should make time to read yours! It always brings me such peace. Thanks for stopping by mine even though I have been quiet lately!

chicory cottage said...

i'm reading hopko's book, too...i really enjoy his thoughtful essays and that each one includes pieces of the liturgy. blessings to you (and cleo!) during this Advent/Christmas season!