Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Almost, Almost

Grey wet rainy day.

Almost going to Brampton, Almost going home to



Writing rough draft of my proposal.

Feel like the steam has been exhausted out of me.

Lord help us all!

Have had all my candles lit all day.

Felt the day needed it.

Dreamt last night that a parishoner

whose 5 year anniversary of her repose

is tomorrow

came back to life

we were all in a big house

and there she was,

peaceful, talking to everyone

in turn...

We never do get over missing people.

I am just glad in this case that she died

a Christian and when we had her 5 year panakhyda

this past Sunday

and the memorial meal afterwards

it felt so much like no time had passed at all;

like I was back at the first meal for her;

even I dare say like somehow she was really present with us;

I was not the only one that felt this.

May God remember her in His Kingdom

and may we have the mercy to join her one day.

Continuing to pray for Noah.

Asking the Mother of God's help,

her intercessions,

her comfort.

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Anastasia said...

May her memory be eternal! May the Lord give you strength and guide your hand and thoughts to write out your proposal! May our most Holy Mother Theotokos be intercede for little Noah and the entire family! May you have a blessed Nativity Fast!!!