Friday, November 04, 2011

Friday Sun and Cold

I have been sleeping very poorly.

I can tell I am stressed.

Seeking to make a better routine for myself

and to get to bed earlier.

Insomnia has been getting in the way of this.

Slowly setting up all my job alerts again.

I got a call from taxes today about the tax bill

I am still slowly paying off;

the person tried to make it sound like I was

somehow in the wrong for paying it slowly,

even though I had been assured that I was not doing wrong.

Thankfully I was assertive and the person

admitted that what I am doing is perfectly acceptable.


As if I needed more to deal with!


Any stress-level management suggestions are welcomed.

I thank God for His mercy.


Xen Xen said...

Just make sure you are getting enough B vitamins, as women tend to utilize more of them and they are brain food, amino acid simulators, and stress buffers. Also, Magnesium is depleted with stress, so foods that contain it are superb. You may consider a magnesium supplement right before bed, if you are having trouble sleeping. My dh uses Natural Calm, which he nearly swears by and cannot go without! He has had a laundry list of sleep issues that have been decreased dramatically since taking the magnesium before bed. It is a muscle relaxer, so imagine what it does for you right before sleep!

I hope you get some rest and people stop getting on you about things like that. You are diligently paying your bill, so they can just wait on your regular amounts, in my opinion.

PS-I love that picture! My favorite time of year and colors, too!

Marfa said...

For me a walk outdoors or hike gives me extra oxygen intake and is exhausting, letting me sleep more soundly.
My sister (Mary) took melatonin for a while to help with should ask her about that.
Oh...taxes...I guess a necessary evil, but it's so hard to pay sometimes when others get to choose how to spend YOUR money. I know having roads paid and stuff like that are important, BUT...

E Helena E said...

Glad you spoke up and the tax people listened and confirmed.
Oh I do understand about better routines! Prayers for better sleep.

margaret said...

I am also glad you managed to be assertive. It's not as if you have much choice about paying it off slowly.