Monday, November 21, 2011

New Week ... Monday is almost over already

Recovering from the wonderful weekend.

Thinking of my godchild a lot.

Realized I should clarify one point -

and this may explain why the first communion was

so special for me.

There are lots of Orthodox churches in Ottawa

and my dear friends,

the parents of my godson,

who I have known for many many years,

go to another Orthodox church,

so that was the only Sunday liturgy that I will be taking

my godson too.

I am so grateful for the honour of taking him to his

first communion.

I was gone a lot of the weekend for the baptism

and had an appointment this morning;

this afternoon has been lots of catch up and clean up.


Today is the feast of Archangel Micheal and Gabriel and

this is a great comfort for me.


I am going to two good friend's house tonight

and am making apple crisp to bake

while we eat dinner

for dessert.

I found out today that I will not be eligible

for employment insurance

because I was unemployed and then viewed as

self-employed over the past two years.

While I have enough for now and the next few months,

this was still really disappointing to learn.

It feels a little scary

and quite unfair... but... I must remember to be



All things

require a lot of trust in God as

December I am going home to see my sister

(cost too much to change the plane ticket and she is not there for


from Dec 3-12 and then soon after that is

new calendar Christmas and really

not many people in Ottawa will be hiring then.

I don't think my job search will really take off until January,

though I am going to do a lot of work for the rest of this week

and also in December before the holidays.

Next week Tuesday-Wednesday I already am going to Brampton

to see my family and Oma

and Saturday I fly home.

Other life things that I can't blog about

are taking a lot of energy at present

so lots of apathia and trust in God

are needed.

Lots of learning to live in the present and trust

that God knows everything and is orchestrating

all events for my salvation,

and is taking good care of me.


our Lord is good to us.


TeresaAngelina said...

You can appeal the EI ruling, Elizabeth. They have a court of appeal. It will take perhaps more energy than you feel you have so it is only a thought.

margaret said...

Fabulous photo!