Wednesday, November 23, 2011

First Snow Fall

5 AM this morning I woke up

and this is what I saw.

I love Ottawa in the winter!

And first snow falls are always so peaceful,

waking up and seeing everything covered

in a clean blanket of white snow.


I am researching places for networking


Praying to God for wisdom and courage.


Xen Xen said...

Wow! I can't believe you have only just gotten your first snowfall, and you live in Canada! We have already had a few in the Denver Metro/Colorado, so far. What kind of snow do you usually get? Wet and heavy, or dry and fluffy?

elizabeth said...

Yep, first snow! I have not been out yet but I think the snow is pretty wet as I hear the cars on the road...

eventually there will be enough snow and cold (usually) to keep the snow until Spring... :)

Sarah Euphemia said...


margaret said...

I hope we get some snow again this year!

Speaking of Denver the snow we had last year sooooo reminded me of Colorado, it was lovely. My neighbour is from Utah and we were the only people in our subdivision not freaking at the sight of it :)

RW said...

ours is gone.
we are expecting another fierce windstorm soon.

Sarah in Indiana said...

Pretty! It seems like it's just been gray and wet here for weeks. The sun finally came out again yesterday afternoon: I a very thankful for sunshine. We've had such a warm but wet and cloudy fall, I almost feel ready for some winter weather as a change of pace.