Friday, July 30, 2010

Glorious Summer Sunshine

The weather has cooled down enough to have my windows open

and sun shining in a bit;

love how the sun is on my year round Nativity set.

Did you know that the Icon of the Nativity is by the place

in the Altar that the Priest prepares communion?

We always celebrate Christ's coming among us

and His Resurrection...

I applied to another job!


Sometimes I think I will never get done with the application

and then it is over...

It is another bilingual job so no promises but worth the try.

Still reading
and as I was taking pictures of flowers this morning
I thought of how the hummingbird
taught Elder Porphyrios
of how the singing of the bird
alone in the forest
is akin to how we are called to pray in secret,
to love Christ while we are
and of hiddenness.
It is such a marvel,
each of these flowers
so beautiful and so many of them unseen.
Another one of my friends has found work;
I have two more job applications due in August
and I am going to be making a more
comprehensive job searching strategy this coming week.
One of the blessings of living in Canada,
which has a bit more (government funded)
social support than some places,
is that I have a professional I can go to for help
with interview preparation, job strategies, etc.
I fail so often at being thankful
and sometimes have to drag myself from greyness
by slowly naming to God things
I am thankful for;
having the support I have is one of the things
I am thankful for.
Another is that tomorrow is my Church's picnic, Lord Willing.
It is the high light of my summer in many ways,
especially as I don't think I am getting any official summer holidays...
May God keep us all in His hand and support us
in all the battles we are in.


margaret said...

I hope you have a wonderful time at the picnic and don't forget to sneak home fish for Cleo. And if you do remember to check your handbag, there is little nastier than week old sardine in your purse (the voice of experience speaks here). And you still have our prayers for a new job.

Kemendraugh said...

Good luck with the job hunt! I know what THAT'S like :D We shall overcome!
And picnics are fun! I hope it's nice weather for you!

thegeekywife said...


Give Cleo a pet for me. :) I hope the weather holds for the picnic. The heat is oppressive here.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I do love seeing your Nativity in glorious sunshine - a lovely idea to keep it out all year round as an icon :-)

Prayers continue for the job situation.
Have a wonderful time at the picnic !

elizabeth said...

M - thanks! well, yes perhaps I will leave the fish at the lake...
:) grin!

K - thanks! yes, it is not easy is it, the job hunt! thanks for your comment!

GW - thanks!!! hope the heat breaks for you soon!

E - thank you so much for your prayers....

RW said...

our picnic / bbq is today as well. It is the first once I can attend since the very beginning. I am glad.

Beth said...

Your pictures are always so lovely. Thinking and praying for you as you look for employment. Also, I have had Wounded By Love on my nightstand for ages now but it is just so lovely and full of wisdom just in the tiniest of paragraphs. Am always glad to find someone else who is reading it too. Thank you always for your prayers and words of encouragement. Peace and blessings to you.

elizabeth said...

Thanks so much for your comment Beth! Glad you are reading this book as well! It is such a treasure! Your comments are always so encouraging, thank you!