Monday, July 12, 2010

With the Feast

It was so good to be in Church this morning.

And I did have ice cream today :)

My favourite ice cream is a simple one - Neapolitan

strawberry, chocolate and vanilla;


Thank you all for your encouragement and prayers

RE: my French test prep.

I think it is hard for me in part

because of the pressure of it

i.e. the two year position I interviewed for

is on the line...

I am savouring more summer strawberries!
Wishing all of you on the old calendar a
wonderful Feast of St. Peter and Paul!!
Mary, if you have not heard already,
has gone back online;
we are all so happy to welcome her back!
I am fascinated with the new
first ever in North America
that hopes to open its doors in 2011.
I am sure I am one of many wishing it very well;
Ancient Faith Radio had a great podcast interview about it.
Am seeking to remember Elizabeth's Mother in my prayers;
please remember her also in yours...
I am so grateful for my church family and my
blog community as well
for the prayer support we can provide for each other.
from Gail Hyatt
Not an easy story to read;
but it is good to be reminded not only of the good that
is being done in the world
but also of how fortunate many of us are...
I recently heard stats about human trafficking of
young girls and women
including from Ukraine and
it is really horrible.
So much to pray for
so much to be thankful for.
May God have mercy on us
and all those suffering deeply in places that we are not
aware of...


Pres. Kathy said...

I just love the picture of your icons. What an inspiration! I am happy that you had your ice cream. I could use some now!! Everything with French class and the job interview will fall into place. The other day someone told me thaat God has a plan for us all. We must be patient and be willing to live according to His will. May God have mercy on us all.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Pres. Kathy! I really appreciate your encouragment!! thanks! sending you a big **hug** in return... :)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

A joyous and blessed Feast !