Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Many Blessings

Tonight I was at a friend's house;

she let me talk about that which I dreamed of doing

(i.e. writing a book,

always wanted to do this).


What I appreciated about this friend was not only

that she listened and supported

but did not push me overly hard about pursuing it.


As in I have a lot of other things that need to be tended to as well

(like finding a job so I can continue to feed and house Cleo and myself

later on this year)

but it was nice at the same time to be heard.

What a gift.

I gave Cleo a special treat on the Feast of St. Peter and Paul's

and now she is meowing her concern

and not getting treats on other non-Feast days!

Poor poor Cleo!

My St. Nicholas Icon
on my beloved Icon shelf.
I am so grateful that God is loving
and has provided Saints
to also pray for us.
Found a super cool link that all Orthodox librarians would like -
And there are some Akathists* there that I have not
seen anywhere else,
like the one to St. Sabbas the Sanctified.
It does not get cooler than this for us
Orthodox librarian types
who love to collect Akathists...
Speaking of Akathists,
I have yet to find one to my patron Saint
in English.
I know there is one in Greek
but since I don't read Greek much
(a little since I did try studying Koine Greek in University)
I really need an English translation...
Any and all help on this one is greatly welcomed!
Here is a link to the Icon of St. Irene that I have
had since I was chrismated...
really love this one and the deep colours...
Wishing everyone a peaceful night
and a blessed day tomorrow!
*when going to this link look for the AK to the right of the title for Akathists...the rest are services, not Akathists.


Janelle thegeekywife said...


I know what you mean by having friends support but not push.

Anonymous said...

I love the tree and handkerchief in that icon! I'd never heard of this St. Irene before I started reading your blog, and she kind of makes me want to go and visit the Chrysovolantou monastery.

I think friends are better than therapy in a lot of ways when it comes to dealing with your life. With the added bonus that you can tell them to shut up if it gets too much :P

Pres. Kathy said...

What a blessing to have such a wonderful friend! Thanks for the link on the akathists. St. Irene has had a special place in my heart since I was young. My mom would subscribe to a magazine from a monastery in Greece. I loved reading it. I prayed to St. Irene during my whole pregnancy and during labor. Once my little guy was born, after a couple of months we went to her monastery i n New York so I can thank her. She is such a powerful saint. I hope you have a good day!

Mimi said...

OOooh, best wishes. I've got your back.
And, tell Cleo I feel the same way about not getting cake every day ;)

Donna Witek said...

Just popping in to say, from one Orthodox librarian to another, thank you for the link to the catalog of Akathists! How neat! (And, I had not come across this before, so thank you for being the one to point me towards it.) :)

elizabeth said...

Thanks Donna! I know it is exciting hey!! Yay for library finding discoveries!