Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pictures for this week...

Some church signs don't work for me,

but I really liked this one!


Fast on criticism

Feast on praises

Fast on self-pity

Feast on Joy

Fast from resentment

Feast on contentment

Fast on fear

Feast on Faith


Words to live by, as they say.

Now Cleo is a being a bit of a funny one;
never wants her picture
taken now days.
Am dreaming of doing another tea party soon...
Am reading,
Elder Zosima, Hesychast of Siberia.
I also have some books by Elder Cleopa
that I need to finish
So, what are you reading these days?
Would love to hear!


mamajuliana said...

I am currently re-reading two of my favorites:

The Brothers Karamosov and Wounded by Love

My son recently found the book 'The Art of Racing in the Rain' at a used book sale at a local library and I am giving it a try-we'll see.

Cleo is cute even when she is being camera shy!

RW said...

I am reading The Big Moo compiled by Seth Godin, as well as A Great and Terrible Beauty.
Just finished Laurie King's last novel The God of the Hive. Have you read any of the Mary Russell/ Sherlock Holmes books by Laurie King. I think you would enjoy them.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I love Elder Cleopa :-)

I am hoping to get a post up about my recently read books in the next few days.

Anna said...

I love this picture! Words to live by indeed, and to stick on the fridge :) I am reading very tasty cookbooks by the Hairy Bikers and Nigel Slater, Agatha Christie short stories featuring Poirot, and next on the list is a revisiting of The Orthodox Church and The Orthodox Way by Mp Kallistos, which I haven't read since I was preparing for chrismation. I was aware at the time that a lot in those books was kind of sliding past me/over my head, and I wonder how much, or what parts of it, that has changed, two years on...

Anna said...

Just read your comment about Elizabeth Goudge - I've read a couple of her children's books, I Saw Three Ships and The Little White Horse, and love them, but so far haven't got on well with her more grown up novels. People keep recommending her, so I'll try again...

margaret said...

Cleo is modest. She knows if you take her photo it'll end up here and we'll all rave about how gorgeous she is.

Mimi said...

I really like that church sign as well. Thank you.

elizabeth said...

MJ- Nice.. I have not read _wounded by love_ yet and should when I get the chance (and a copy!)...

RW - thanks for the book updates! sounds intresting!

Elizabeth - yes, Elder Cleopa is so wonderful!

Anna - The Scent of Water and The Deans Watch by E. Goudge are really lovely... let me know if you ever read them!

M - your comment made me feel all happy! thanks! I do love my Cleo cat!

Mimi - your welcome; I know, such a wonderful sign... I need to take it to heart on a daily basis...

GretchenJoanna said...

I am reading My Journey with Father Alexander by Juliana Schmemann, and haven't gotten to including that one on my sidebar list...but advance notice: I want to read Jayber Crow by Wendell Berry pretty soon.
How about "Fast on TV, Feast on Books!"

thegeekywife said...

I'm reading a re-telling of Sleeping Beauty: Spindle's End by Robin McKinley. So far it's whimsical (I'm on page 7).

Also reading House Beautiful, which is basically like thumbing through an artsy coffee table book!

Michelle M. said...

That church sign is great. In our town, the Dairy Queen always has the best signs. My husband and I laugh about how the fast food place is more inspiring than the local churches.

Donna said...

Currently reading for schoolwork: The Way to Nicaea by Fr. John Behr (SVS Press)

It is very dense, but also clearly written, and chock full of information and analysis of theological writings from the first three centuries of the Church.

Currently reading for (mindless lol) pleasure: Martin the Warrior, a Novel of Redwall, by Brian Jacques

The perfect de-stressor (yay for talking animals who value peace and fellowship and who love to eat lol), when the rest of my reading mileage goes to either very dense but informative theology texts (ah the life of a grad student), or reading stuff about the information world on the internet (ah the life of a librarian). :)

elizabeth said...

MJ - how lovely that I am now just reading for the first time Wounded by Love...

GJ - I need to read this book by J S as well... my friend sent me a paragraph of it and I really liked it...

GW - sounds like some fun relaxing reads :)

Donna - never did get back to ask you here what you are studying as a grad student... or what you are reading as a librarian... I do think we need to be exchanging some 'reading' notes! Could we email about this? Did we email already? I have no memory right now... anyway, if you see this overdue comment, feel free to send me an email at roosjeblog@yahoo.ca and we can go from there... :)

Thanks again everyone for telling me what you are reading! Really enjoyed it!