Thursday, July 29, 2010

Almost Friday!

Cleo and I are getting ready for me to be

in more of a routine.

Job searching is a challenge!

I won't go into the various challenges related to it here

but I would not say that it is fully easy for me

right now;

actually, it is kind of hard.


I am applying for another bilingual library position


This is a flower picture from the Greek Monastery

that I went to

about a month ago.

I really want to go back!

It is so peaceful there,

I can remember realizing that I should not be so worried,

that God is and will take care of me,

that He loves me,

loves everyone of us...

May we all go deeper in remembering God's mercy
and goodness is always here...
Really liked this post of Fr. Stephen's today - I recommend
reading it!
wow! What a great podcast! I am slowly listening to it
for the second time...


margaret said...

I like the 'colour of heaven' behind your icons. I paint everything white. I wish I was brave enough for that blue because the blue and gold effect in your icon corner photos always strikes me as very, very beautiful.

elizabeth said...

Margaret, you are totally brave enough to paint a wall blue! I was fortuante that my apartment was painted this colour (my apartment is blue and white actually) before I came... a monastic who prays for me told me to ask the Mother of God many times for what I needed (i.e. a new apartment w. less rent) and so I did and was given the one I am in now. Blue is the liturgical colour of the Mother of God so by her prayers I have this place!


I love painted walls... not suprising though as my Dad is a professional house painter and I grew up with the understanding that walls can be repainted... :)