Thursday, July 15, 2010

Goodness given to me

Lampada lit;

Gives so much hope,

and moves the heart to prayer...

I made this new icon corner

in my living room

when it was so hot last week

and friends and I had a special case to pray for.

(My living room has A/C).

Tonight I had a really good friend over
another who sees me
and understands my various dreams
for future work
as a librarian...
I couldn't resist using my Royal Albert tea cup,
though the rest of the tea setting is
more in the
Delft blue Dutch line
(though it actually is Japanese stoneware).
The very big pillow Dutch windmill case
is a very cool tea cozy
from Holland.
Featured on the small tea plate
(to complete the mismatch of tea ware,
the plate is an older Holly Hobby Birthday plate!)
are the Dutch windmill cookies
another Dutch cookie with
milk Dutch chocolate
on top
and to complete the small plate,
are some
pitted dates and strawberries.
Steeping in the cool tea cozy was
ginger mint tea with lemongrass by tetley.
I did more French today.
The reading comprehension test I am doing well on;
the grammar test I still need a lot of work...
Lord have mercy.


Anonymous said...

Oh Elizabeth, if only I had your style (and your china!)...

Pres. Kathy said...

Your icon corner looks so nice! Glory be to God!

elizabeth said...

thanks Marigold - you just made my day :) ... I am just myself; not really following a style except what I perfer ...

thanks Pres. Kathy! yes, I really like my new Icon corner as well...

Martha said...

So beautiful...I want to know if you'd join a "team" write, your so poetic in your posts!!!

Janelle thegeekywife said...

Holly Hobby speaks French. That'd be a cool blog name.


elizabeth said...

Hi Marfa - I am not sure how to answer your question; need more info. If you would like, you can shoot me an email -

Thanks for liking my writing :)

Well, GW, I wish I could say I spoke french...sigh...

intresting tid bit, did you know that Holly Hobbie is actually the person's name who designed all of the Holly Hobbie things? :)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I love the photos !

elizabeth said...

thanks Elizabeth!

E Helena E said...

Glad to see Holly Hobbie is still there :-) That's good news about your French. Hugs.