Monday, July 26, 2010

Blessings and Prayers

I have begun to read Wounded by Love

by Elder Porphyrios;

Here is a sample of this book...


In the beginning of this book,

he narrates how his father taught him verses to the Theotokos

and how he prayed to her desperately

when a small child,

so that he could go to the Holy Mountain.

We are so blessed to have such books in English now.

It was recommended to me as a gentle book...


Let us pray for those in Texas who are reeling from the loss

of a priest,

Fr. Matthew - see also Fr. James's blog for more.

I have seen first hand the emotional devastation

when one's spiritual father dies and the sense of being

at a loss, of being orphaned.

I have seen how these orphaned can still ask the advice and prayers

of their fathers

who have gone from life to life.

Let us pray for them whose loss is so new to them now...

In other, smaller, news...

The Lord is merciful in so many ways.

Today I was given free chocolate croissants and tomato soup

that could not be used tomorrow as they would be

'a day old.'

I felt so blessed.

It has been beautiful summer days here in Ottawa;
not too hot
and sunny.
Let us use our days to learn to look to Christ
in all things.


margaret said...

Wounded by Love is a blessing in every single word. I think it is the book I am happiest to own.

Pres. Kathy said...

I have picked up Wounded by Love too, but have not finished it. My husband was teaching that book for this Adult Religious Education class. I hope you are well.

elizabeth said...

Yes, I am excited to be reading it... I am only borrowing it but hope in time to get my own copy as well...

Pres. Kathy - I can imagine how hard it is to finish a book when being a mother of a young child! so glad to know that Fr. D also values this book...

It is such a gentle and good book! Glory to God!

h west said...

I read Wounded By Love a while back. I had a TERRIBLE time getting through the beginning of it, reading about his life. The second half of the book is one of the best things I've ever read.

elizabeth said...

H W - thanks for commenting - good to know your reading experience of this book... Thanks very much, I value your thoughts and comments!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I really admire the way that you are always so thankful and rejoice in things on a daily basis ! May you be richly blessed every day !

Matushka Anna said...

I'm glad you are reading Wounded by Love. Such a wonderful book.

I am sorry to hear of the passing of Fr. Matthew. Thank you for posting because otherwise I might not have heard. So young! May God have mercy on his family.

Memory Eternal!

elizabeth said...

Elizabeth - I have failed at being thankful so much it is crazy and sad. It is a discipline I am hoping to cultivate more deeply within myself...

Mat. Anna - yes, it is a wonderful book... I am glad I was helpful by passing on the news of Fr. Matthew's passing. Memory Eternal!

Mimi said...

My heart hurts for the parish who has lost their priest. May his Memory be Eternal.

I need to read "Wounded by Love"

Kemendraugh said...

mmm, tomato soup is one of my favourites! Thanks for reminding me to remember the small things, hon :)

elizabeth said...

Mimi - yes... I think a lot of us are thinking of them...

K- thanks for commenting! yes, tomato soup is fun! Nice to see you here!