Thursday, June 17, 2010

Looking towards the weekend

It looks like Ottawa may get the summer heat

many of my friends on the West Coast are wanting.


Personally I prefer the slightly cooler days

(shhh, don't tell!)


I have plans to visit some friends this weekend

and am looking forward to this!

My French presentation went well

and I was surprisingly happy and comfortable

doing it.

Of course I talked about my trip to Brampton

to see My Oma and when people here that she is

101 years old

it is a natural crowd and ice breaker.

I submitted the application
it was a loooooonnnngggg process
to rework my resume,
write two 200 word essays
and be sure to match everything to the posting.
Lots of writing and many edits;
but it is done now and printed at 8 pages
(for my records of course).
Still not sure what I am doing for July to learn French.
Am going to (yay, thank you God!) borrow the
Rosetta Stone CD's from a friend,
I could take a part time course for 6 weeks
(am only going to do one this time not two if I do it;
and I will NOT be taking the one that
is still teaching French in English!)
or I could take a (more costly) two week intensive course...
or perhaps something I do not know of yet.
I have come to the decision over the past while
that I will continue job searching
for full time and part-time work,
while continuing to work on French.
Next week will be a full one for me again,
is this coming Thursday!
I have been practicing for this interview
but have a LOT more to do.
Thankfully both my French classes will be done before the interview...
Hoping this email finds all of my lovely readers doing well
and aware of God's mercy and care for them!


Molly Sabourin said...

Pretty photos, Elizabeth! I would love to explore Canada some time. I hope your interview goes well! Blessings to you!

theresia said...

Félicitations pour un projèt bien
présenté. Après cette expérience positive,tu as l'air plus relaxe
à propos du français.
Good luck with your job application and with the interview. Btw. if you get into a government job, there might be a chance to get a subsidy for French upgrading. This may be something to
explore. They did have those kinds of programs years ago.

margaret said...

You take the most beautiful flower pictures. I am praying hard for your job interview - and also for cool days!

Mimi said...

I love bleeding hearts, and your photos are always lovely.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Hope you have a blessed Sunday !
Prayers continue for you ........

Athanasia said...

You seem much more at peace...blooming like the flowers in your beautiful photos.

I am happy for you!

GretchenJoanna said...

I am praying for you; keep up the good work!

E Helena E said...

Happy to hear that the French presentation went very well! It sounds as though things are moving along.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Molly! If you ever visit, be sure to let me know and we can visit together!

Merci Theresia! ... If I can ever get into gov'mt I will try... but they are not as quick to do French training as they used to, though it still is done...

Thanks so very much Margaret!

Thanks Mimi... I take pictures but don't always know the name of the flowers I am photographing... Bleeding Hearts... thanks!

Thanks very much Elizabeth! I am saved by everyone's prayers!

Thanks Athanasia!

Thanks so much GretchenJoanna, I am greatful for the prayers!

E-H...thanks... yes... now I just need to figure out the next steps for French...