Thursday, June 10, 2010

Every morning is new with God's mercy

I realize that I must not stay

in a struggling state.


One new thing I am trying is to learn new ways of planning

my days in order to get everything done.


We will see if it helps.

I have some further direction from one of my teachers

about the government tests.

I am now looking for a class that will be more conversation

and help me with the speaking and listening

part of French.

I am also going to explore
looking for part time work
but first have to work on preparing for my interview.
This is important as I need to do a good interview,
The weather has really fluctuated
and it is cold and cloudy here.
A good day to work on interview preparation
and seek quietness.
We need God's mercy at every minute.


thegeekywife said...

I suppose adulthood is reached when one realizes that we need God's mercy every minute... hmm. I need to plan my days too--- too much loafing and not enough doing!

Mimi said...

Enjoy the cooldown.
I can't add anything to TGW's wonderful comment, so I'll just say prayers.

margaret said...

That is a lovely geranium. As Marigold says, they thrive whatever happens, so lets all hope to be geraniums. Prayers for your interview,I always find them so daunting and none of my daft techniques will work for you so prayers going up to St Luke and St Xenia. And Miss Tilney has just said something that sounds like 'geeeeeeeeek' but whether that's good wishes for your interview or a salutation for Janelle I don't know.