Friday, June 04, 2010

Unexpected - an Interview

I just got an email
for an interview for a 2 year position.
I do not believe I have the French level needed;
I am not sure how far or near I am to getting to this
The other qualifications I do have
or I would not of gotten the interview.
It could be that I will qualify but disqualify in French
which means I would not get the position.
The interview is in about three weeks;
it is a screening interview.
Please pray for me for wisdom
and God's mercy.


Mat. Emily said...

I really hope that you get it! I will be praying!

GretchenJoanna said...

They say that every interview also makes you more qualified or competent...anyway, it will be good experience. I will pray for you.

Donna said...

Yay! I will pray it goes well! And don't be too hard on yourself about the French -- I have been on several search committees at my library, and we do not call people in for an interview unless we were genuinely interested in the person for the position. (I'm assuming most places do this too, since it's a waste of resources to bring someone in to interview who they wouldn't consider actually hiring.) Don't stress the French -- in fact, feel free to describe the work you're putting into improving your French, and it will count in your favor. Many prayers coming your way!! :)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

My prayers....and remember, your recent hard work to learn French will show in your favour as being pro-active and your willingness to work and study - both qualities are very much appreciated by employers!

Miss Tilney said...

Donna's right, they're not going to waste their time with you if they're not interested so if the French level was a make or break you probably wouldn't be getting the interview.

Prayers ascending!

theresia said...

I agree with your friends; present yourself as a confident person who possesses the desired skills for the job. Stress your positive attitude in dealing with the public(if this job involves the public).
And,as Mat. Donna said, stress your continued efforts to improve your French, not the lack of perfection(who is perfect anyways??.
Try to find someone with interviewing experience to do mock interviews with you.Dress smartly, pay attention to posture and body language, speak clearly without hesitation,and look at the interviewer(s)while you speak.
Inform yourself about the organisation or company and ask relevant questions. Good Luck! My prayers are with you.

Donna said...

@theresia: Forgive me for this gentle correction, but I am not a Matushka. I am unmarried. :)

theresia said...

Thank you, Donna. Please excuse my mistake.