Thursday, June 03, 2010

Towards the Weekend

Cleo showing us her balancing skills;

she has figured out how to stand on top of this chair;

the top is less than 2 inches wide, so I'd say she is

pretty balanced and nimble!

Yesterday morning was incredibly beautiful;

I have been having insomnia so I

was taking a walk a bit after 6 AM;

the summery morning of dreams!

The canal water glistened in the sun;

it was still in the cool of the day

and the flowers,

sigh, oh the flowers!

Late Spring and Summer has such precious fleeting beauty!

There is a path I walk that is a bit hidden,
the picture above is from this.
I feel like I have entered a little taste of a place of
magical beauty, like my own secret garden
in the middle of the city.
I have been struggling to have time to do a review
of my old (first two classes) French text book;
since I am in two classes that always have new homework and exams
it has been a challenge.
I need to take a 90 minute online test to rank where
I am in my French knowledge
for the French BA.
If I rank really low, I would have to take classes
that I do not have time or money to take to
get me to the level needed for the BA.
I realized last night,
after struggling to fall and stay asleep,
that this was really stressing me out -
especially as if I do not do this BA I don't know what I will do
(i.e. to stay here and get a job when library jobs and many others
are bilingual).
So. I am going to the library soon.
I am also going to study tomorrow.
I hope to do this test on Saturday during the day.
Would appreciate prayers for this;
sometimes I feel like I am making progress in French
but other times I get overwhelmed by how much
I have to learn...
BTW, I can retest at the end of the summer,
and do the 90 minute test again.

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Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Clever Cleo !

Your walk sounds wonderful, and the photos are super :-)

My prayers for your test....