Saturday, June 12, 2010

God's mercy in time healing all wounds

Sometimes I go back and click on the month
in past years on my blog;
just to see what was going on at that time last year,
I had totally forgotten about June 6
when two years ago
I kinda had my foot run over by a car.
Yeah, just kinda,
like realizing that the dark marks on my toes
were from tire rubber;
oh yes.
God, the Holy Angels,
the Mother of God and
St. George
were all protecting me...
I totally forgot when it was June 6 this year!
I think this is a really good sign...
It means I am getting over it;
sudden injuries to us take a long time
to heal,
on the inward emotional / spiritual level.
I have finished a resume and cover letter!
First edit done,
rest to be done later.
I am not certain about what to look for right now
as in part time or full time work,
what French class to take next
how to go about the rest of this summer
writing cover letters and resumes somehow
can be a source of encouragement to me.
It is part of actively doing something
that is encouraging I think.
A monastic who visits from time to time
is in town this weekend.
I can't tell you how glad I am
when I see a monastic
it is like being reminded of God's presence here with us
and I feel a little less afraid of living
in such an uncertain world.
God is merciful to us small ones and encourages us to
become aware of living in His presence
at all times
and to learn to live in the reality of this presence,
in the reality of hope that the Church
is always offering us.

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Pres. Kathy said...

Thank God for everything! I am glad to hear that you are writing resumes and cover letters - that is always encouraging. Hope you are doing well!