Friday, June 11, 2010

A Friday in June

Cleo wanted to be included in another blog post.

So here she is ... will have to take new pictures soon

I am applying for more jobs.

Not sure what doors will open,

but I am feeling a bit better about it all at the moment.

I savour these moments.

I got a new (for 69 cents at the dollar store)
calendar where I am mapping out
what I need to do each day.
I am finding that this is helpful
so I know what needs to be done
and by what time.
Of course now I need to get the work done
but I am feeling a bit more at peace
and ready to do what needs to be done
Also I am doing a little bit of planning
in the morning and evening for the day
and am excited to see how
this may help me
arrange my days
and assist with decreasing my sense of stress
and / or anxiety.
I am also finishing up the final details for the
BA in French as a Second Language.
Now I need to seek God's Kingdom and righteousness
and thus to maintain peace.
This of course is the most challenging part!
Wishing everyone a joy-filled weekend!


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Praying for all your needs.
Have a blessed weekend !

E Helena E said...

Here's praying for more moments like that and God's peace at all times.