Friday, June 04, 2010

Living in Ottawa and Looking for God's Help and Mercy

I can't tell you how MUCH I appreciate your
prayers, advice and support.
I do feel that I have to impress, however,
how much French language plays here.
I live in Ottawa.
Ottawa is the capital of Canada, an officially bilingual country.
The job is a government job.
It is what is termed bilingual-imperative.
This means that even if I ace the interview
and am screened in to the next round,
if I fail the French test
I WILL be out of the the running.
I know this sounds crazy
but it is really true.
And one of my librarian friends,
who I emailed right away this morning,
has confirmed it.
She had an interview with the same organization a few years ago
passed the interview
but not the French test.
And so she was out.
BUT we know that God is a God who works wonders.
The wonder here is that I would pass the French test and the interview!
I am confident that I am good for the job
and am already researching the library, the strategic plan, and the organization.
But I am going to have to work super hard on French.
This worries me.
I thank God for all of you and your prayers.
I feel I must say it again
for your support love and prayers.
I appreciate the advice and welcome all of it.
I take your prayers on my behalf
and the support you give me
and thank God for it!
Glory to God in All things.


mamajuliana said...

I'll be keeping you in prayer during this time! I do so hope that you get the job!

Michelle M. said...

You'll be in our prayers! I hope everything works out.

Mimi said...


theresia said...

praying for those wonders

thegeekywife said...

Blessings and peace to you, E!

DebD said...

just seeing this. Praying.