Thursday, February 04, 2010

Small steps in the right direction

Found out today that my
French class will not be effected by
a potential strike!
Thank God for this.
Today I learned more prepositions,
am making questions and answers to various things
and it is making sense.
I can tell I am being prayed for!
However, I have yet to get all the rules strait for
the articles used for countries, cities and provinces.
And I have to get a lot of the vocab strait.
The hardest thing though
is that I am having a hard time hearing and saying
the words.
Especially words like
"un, une"
and "en, à"
I hope this will come and I will be working on it.
However, I welcome all suggestions!
We all have our own challenges and I pray that each of you will be
encouraged, strengthened and comforted in yours!


RW said...

sounds like you are making progress. H and L started Italian this Wednesday. It should be fun.

margaret said...

I am glad your class is not affected and I admire how well you are doing - my French has degenerated into phrases mostly involving coffee, cake and railways stations.

DebD said...

You are doing quite well. I remember it taking me a very long time for Russian to even slightly make sense when I took it many ,many years ago.

Sarah in Indiana said...

So glad your class will not be interrupted!

Here is a link for free downloadable audio books in French. Lots of classic novels, at least some books of the Bible, fairy tales. Could be a fun way to immerse yourself in the language.

elizabeth said...

thanks RW. Neat! Hope they like Italian!

thanks Margaret - well, I still have to learn the phrases you remember!

thanks is making sense on paper but the oral is a lot harder!

thanks so much Sarah! what a great link!!