Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February can suddenly feel heavy and long

It's official!

Cleo and I are looking for the door to summer!

Little things have been going on

that have got me feeling a bit bogged down.

Since the Olympics more people have been

smoking various things in my


the stench was coming in my apartment and staying for hours.

I would come home to find Cleo laying on the floor instead of on a chair;

I am sure it was to get away from the smell.

My landlord advised me to cover my vents with Saran Wrap

and wow what a difference!

The smells had been so strong,

it would make me feel sick and dread coming home,

which is not the best way to feel about one's dwelling place!

Now if we can just figure out why my inside wall is vibrating;

tick, tick tick for hours...

I have bought ear plugs meanwhile.

My friends it is Lent!!

And I know these things are such small troubles!

We need God's protection, comfort and help!

Fr. Stephen's post on the slow work of grace

I found to be very comforting.

Each of my French classes are 6 weeks;
so my final exam is next Monday.
I can tell that we as a class are feeling the stress of it;
I am still forgetting simple things, like 'de' before a
adjective and how to say 'un' when
speaking or reading out loud.
It has been grey wet slush-rain,
my boots leaked
(will take them for repairs and re-water-proofing next week)
and I know how much I need to shake of blues
and study!
We must keep looking to God for salvation
step by step
as we go through these last days of February...


margaret said...

I do like that lamp holder and, as always, I like seeing Cleo.

February is beginning to feel too long here too. It's so grey and cold and wet and we have no spring flowers, not even snowdrops, last year this time the daffodils were out. Everything seems to be 4-6 weeks late.

elizabeth said...

thanks Margaret! I love this lampada as well... I think it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever been given...

thegeekywife said...

"various" things, as in "illegal" things? Yikes. Go smoke your dope elsewhere, ppl, Cleo needs clean air!