Thursday, February 25, 2010

The size of one's cross

The other day I was with some friends

who helped me practice my French...

They told me of a cartoon that one of them had gotten...
Here is how they told it to me:
Everyone had a cross to bear on their shoulders;
one man in particular found his cross to be very heavy, very big.
So he asked for his cross to be made smaller
and it was,
by having part of the end of it cut off.
So he kept walking...
But he still found it to be too big, too heavy
so more of it, from the bottom,
was cut off.
And he kept waking...
But he still found it to be too much,
too heavy, too big.
So more of it was cut off for him.
He was finally happy.
Then he and the others came to a deep valley
that they had to cross.
The cliffs were so strait and deep;
there were no stairs
or ropes across,
no bridge at all.
The man with the lightest cross watched everyone else
put their crosses strait across between the
two walls of the valley and
the cross became their bridge.
But when the man with his lightened cross
was unable to go across,
as the length of his cross was too short.
May God comfort our hearts
in all things as we struggle through life with
what He gives us for our salvation.
As for the man in the story,
thank God for His mercy...
that the man
could still pray for mercy,
that his cross be restored to him.


Mimi said...

Very good story, thank you!

Maria Magdalena said...

I was looking for this story, read it in a tract when i was in highschool, checked the publishers of the track and could never find it, if u ever find the original please let me know, it was more than 20 years ago that i read the story, think its really precious,

elizabeth said...

Hi M.M. - I am not sure where it is but I have emailed my friends who told the story to me... hope to find out and get back to you! You can also email me at roosjeblog @ yahoo . ca