Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The lastest in the life of Cleo and myself

Cleo and I enjoyed having our small house blessed.

It was beautiful, life-giving and full of hope.

To have a good church and priest

must be one of life's greatest blessings.

The cake turned out well.

I make my cakes to be very fine and moist,

so that the cake so soft that it falls in a bit

when cut,

as the picture shows.

The time making it and sharing it was
a great joy.
So about that midterm,
which people have been asking about.
I really tried!
But I did not do well at all.
Failed actually by 2 points.
BUT I am trying not to lose any hope
or even be anxious about it.
I asked my teacher if I can do extra things to
learn what I forgot (various grammar rules
including when "des" becomes "de"
both in a negative construction
(i.e. when one is saying not to do something)
and that if the adjective is before the noun
i.e. grands livres (big books) that "des"
which indicates plural becomes "de").
I think my teacher will allow me to be retested on this
so I will not fail the course.
As you can see, I am learning from my mistakes
and have reviewed this part and did extra homework on it today
to ensure that I really learn it.
So it is not bad,
it is just that I am slow at languages.
But I knew this about myself.
It will be God's mercy, the Saints prayers, your prayers
and my perseverance (by all these prayers)
that can get me there.
My teacher really sees that I am working hard
and is determined that I will make it.
And I am trying to be so too.
I need prayers through, it is tough slogging sometimes!
I have been having some problems with a tenant in my building.
NOTHING that is violent or anything
I am safe and secure, no worries there.
Common sense says I must not say more
but can you pray for me about this?
I know that God can teach me to be a Christian in all things!
I am seeking to remember
the many prayers
in the House blessing
and that Angels are with me
and that I am NEVER EVER alone.
Thanks everyone for your friendship prayers and support!


mamajuliana said...

I am sorry that the midterm did not go well. You are so brave to be attempting another language. I know that I would not even know where to start!

I am glad that you may be able to retake the test..and I will keep that in prayer.

I will also keep in prayer the other tenant situation.

Give Cleo a kitty hug for me. We were actually at our local humane society today because my husband is ready to look for another kitty cat. Our kitty Blackie died this past year at the ripe old age of 16!

Your cake looks so good!


DebD said...

I'm sorry about your midterm too. Languages are very hard for me too, so I do understand. Good for you for speaking with your professor. I wouldn't have thought of that.

Prayers concerning your tenant situation.

s-p said...

The cake looks WONDERFUL! You can bake for me anytime. :)
Language doesn't come easily for me either. I've barely passed Spanish 101 4 times now. I can never seem to get into 102 because I know I didn't master the 101 material. sigh.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

My prayers. I will start an Akathist for you tonight.

Mat. Emily said...

I am sorry about your exam Elizabeth. I am glad that your teacher is so understanding though... that makes all the difference!

Cleo looks beautiful and your cake looks delicious! Any chance of a recipe?

margaret said...

I'm sorry about your exam, it seems hard that you had an exam so early, you've only just started. I am glad though that you can re-sit.

I can almost smell the chocolate in the cake... it looks gorgeous and yummilicious.

And Cleo, of course, is quite perfect. Please give her a kiss from me.

thegeekywife said...

An understanding professor is a very good thing.

And I want some cake too. Lol. :)

Mimi said...

I'm so glad you and Cleo had the house blessed, and the cake sound good.

I also agree, an understanding professor is a very good thing. Plus, if we do not stumble, we have nothing to pick ourselves up from.