Saturday, February 13, 2010

Birds, Cleo and Daily Life

The birds were back today!

Just two this time...

Cleo turns into this little huntress!

It is so funny and a bit surprising to hear her nearly

growl at the birds!

I am looking forward to Lent.
Am praying that this Lent can be a source of healing
for all of us!
I will be blogging during Lent
and keeping up with my fellow Orthodox bloggers
who are still blogging.
But my other fun blogs,
due to French class demands
and scaling back for Lent
I have already been hitting 'read all'
to get rid of all the other blog posts that are in my
Google Reader.
French quiz this Tuesday.
Slight bump today RE: tenant.
Have been a bit anxious.
But that is what Lent is about.
Healing from those things,
like anxiety
that seek to entangle.
May God help us all.


margaret said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh that is a fierce face! Miss Darcy landed in my woodpigeons the other day (I call them my lovedoves - one used to come alone then last year he brought his girlfriend and they billed and cooed on my wall and now they're together all the time) but luckily she's not very experienced and they escaped leaving a feather or two behind. Her face was amazing to see but I will have to be far more careful of her when she's out.

I too will be blogging in Lent :) I've been wondering who will stop but I'm glad you won't.

Pres. Kathy said...

May you have a blessed and fruitful Lent.

Anna said...

I'll be blogging through Lent too. Love Cleo's hunter face - our very small, thoroughly domesticated dog used to go all 'wolf' at the wail of an ambulance siren. He would throw back his head and howl in response - and was very embarrassed if anyone caught him getting back in touch with his wild roots! Yes indeed, I grew up on the west coast, moved to the UK for grad school and ended up staying.