Sunday, February 07, 2010

Cleo the Cat and a beautiful view

Another shot of Cleo.

She looks most sleek and adult in this one;

fascinating to me how she can look so different,

depending on the picture...

We have been blessed with more sun

it was so beautiful this weekend.

The view I have can be so beautiful...
Tomorrow the midterm!
Prayers welcome!
Tomorrow afternoon Lord Willing
I will have my little snug apartment
blessed by my priest.
To say I am excited would be an understatement.
I have prepared food and cake and will have tea ready.
Of course I will have all the candles ready,
candles by icons lit,
lampada's newly wicked...
Cleo still needs more grooming...
I will use my best dishes, pretty table cloth and candles.
I must say I love marble cake batter...
It sure makes the first French midterm feel
more doable
to know the joy that Lord willing will await later...


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

My prayers for the mid-term, and a joyous house blessing to you !

margaret said...

Miss Cleo Blue Eyes is so beautiful. I get so used to looking at black faces and green eyes that Cleo is always an amazing surprise.

Best wishes for your house blessing. I have never had my house blessed and I know if I buy one near my 2nd church (I really must be a hobbit, I have 2nd everything) that my sf will be volunteering to bless it rightaway - and it makes me nervous!

Still praying to Mother Gavrilia for your French :)

And the verification word is Nessy, perhaps that's a sign you should learn Gaelic next ;):p I hear there are actually native Gaelic speaking communities in Canada.

Mat. Emily said...

Gorgeous pictures, Elizabeth! We'll be praying for your mid-term. Enjoy the house blessing!

RW said...

bonne chance on your midterm.

Michelle M. said...

Beautiful view! How did the midterm go?? My prayers as the professor grades it :)

Sarah in Indiana said...

I look forward to hearing how the mid-term went, and the house blessing. I suspect ours will be during Lent this year--with such an early Pascha it's hard for Father to get them all in before Lent starts.

Thanks for the sunshiny pictures! We've had so little sunshine this winter it's nice when friends are willing to share a little bit of theirs. :)