Friday, February 05, 2010


My brain is full.

Full, full full!

I realized that I was feeling stressed today,

to say it lightly.


My teacher had a different tune about the potential strike

as if we could be effected,

even though I really don't think we will be,

as part time students.

Still the idea

and the midterm on Monday

stressed me out!

I don't think I posted this exact Cleo picture yet,

was during the Cleo and Bird saga...

for those Cleo fans out there!

She is right behind me as I type,

curled up on one of my two armchairs

un fauteuil (masculine I think?!)...

I am wishing however that
I could fly away
and have the lines from the great Gospel song
I'll fly away
in my head...
as I would rather not keep studying!
I am thankful for the opportunity...


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I hate that sort of unsettled anxiety too. My prayers !

mamajuliana said...

Praying for He give you His peace!

RW said...

the... effect - effect is the noun
affect is the verb... how I remember is to run the words the...effect together...

Mimi said...

Prayers. I wonder if it is because we are coming into Lent?

And, does Cleo do that talky thing with the birds? hugs.

Mimi said...

(oh and I remember it by affect is action - a=a)