Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Making your cake and eating it too

Mat. Emily asked about my cake recipe.

Oh you know,

Betty Crocker in a box!

See below, and notice the French on it...

Canadian Cake! (grin).

when I make a cake from a box
I do things a bit differently.
Add each ingredient separately and mix each time.
When the cake is for a super special occasion,
such as a House Blessing,
I put a tiny bit of Holy Water as well.
Uses of Holy Water are varied and I know that I am not
the first woman to ask God to bless one's cake
and put a little bit of Holy Water
in it.

The frosting however was homemade -
see my post from last year for this recipe,
given to me from a very good friend.
I do make cakes from scratch as well but to save time
I find stocking up on cake mixes when on sale
really convenient for fast-free times.
I am slowly working on French.
THANK YOU ALL for your comments, prayers and support!
It means so much to me.
This week, as Orthodox Christians know,
is what we call Butterweek.
A full fast for Lent is to be a vegan.
God in His mercy has the church gently prepare us for the fast
by first having a fast free week (where all meat and dairy are allowed)
then a normal fast week (fasting Wednesday and Friday)
and then Butterweek,
where we give up meat
but have dairy all week
(or at least in the Slavic tradition all week)
and then it is the full fast.
Of course people fast according to what they are capable of
in their own situation
according to what one's spiritual father has counseled us to do.
left me a comment a few posts back
when I was feeling really stressed
reminding me of Lent
and that this may be the cause.
This really helped me
and I thought I would mention it here
to remind us all of how
Lent can have unexpected difficulties
and to be aware of this.
I pray that God will help us all during this holy time!


Mat. Emily said...

Yay! When we dig out of this snow and can get to the store, I will make this cake for one last hurrah before Great Lent. Thanks!!

margaret said...

You have rehabilitated cake mix in my mind. I think have overdone Butterweek though and I'll keep the idea till after Pascha.

Mimi said...

I love the Holy Water idea, and I'm so glad my words were a comfort - it is amazing how you can feel Lent approaching, isn't it?

Beautiful cake! Yay!