Thursday, February 11, 2010

One down, 'un million' to go

Learning my numbers in French today!

mille is thousand and has no 's' at the end

million and millard (billion) take an 's' always at the end

cent, which means 100, takes an 's' only when no number

(i.e. 100 not 101) follows it.

I had to deal with the tenant issue again.

THANK GOD for His mercy,

for it appears that all will be well and that all was understood

in my favour.

I was able by God's mercy and help from friends,

to communicate clearly and firmly.

Thank you for your prayers!

Cleo is glad to be with me and I with Cleo
in this my new snug as a bug
blue and white
(le appartement in French).
Unfortunately my plans for studying at school were derailed today
due to resolving the now resolved apartment issues.
Have to study tonight...
Lent, it really can hit us early in many ways;
we must stay with our minds on Christ at all times...
Lord help us!


margaret said...

I am very, very glad your tenant issues are resolved in your favour. No-one needs awkward neighbours when they have intensive studying to do and Lent fast approaching. Cleo as always looks deliciously furry.

RW said...

We are doing numbers in Italiano here.

Glad to hear that your home situation has settled.

Pres. Kathy said...

Glad everything is better now~