Monday, June 16, 2008

Still Can't Believe It

You know, as time goes on, I am beginning to see.

If I had been just a little bit farther out, I would of been hit full-body by the car. My foot from just above the heel up to the big toe on the other side of my foot was run over. This may of saved my life.

My spiritual father said Angels were pushing cars away - I fell in the middle of a busy intersection.

I could of died and instead I am alive.

I am in awe and yet can scarcely take it in.

I was at church with a broken foot, instead of being in hospital, or dying or, God so grant His mercy, in heaven.

I am happy to be alive and I pray that God will help me do His will and struggle to be obedient to Him - how hard this is, but how much I need it.

Lord have mercy on me a sinner.

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