Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The 10 year idea

Both RW and Victoria (see blog roll) wrote about what they thought they would be doing in 10 years.

I agree with Victoria that it is hard to do.

As I am a professional librarian, Orthodox, single and currently unpursued, here is what I would hope for in 10 years time:

weekday/daytime hours:

1. To be enjoying my profession, having a job I want to come to in the daytime hours and the satisfaction and salary that goes along with.
2. To be at peace inwardly because of Christ (okay this is a lifetime hope, however, it needs mentioning)
3. To have gained continued poise and professionalism in dress, outward manner and in service

Days off/vacation/nights/weekends

1. I hope to be living in an apartment/or something else that I love.
2. Church - growing in this (too many ways/details/possibilities to name)
3. I hope I will continue to have some close friends who know me well and who I will continue to spend time with/build a life that includes them
4. I will always be a writer. Working on this and incorporating the various parts of my life that nourish creativity.
5. I hope my Cat Cleo will still be alive and healthy. This is the sad part of time passing. In 10 years Cleo may be 15 or so.

Life is unknown and really quite unplannable. I am still adjusting to being out of school and to settling in a city. I have just landed my first professional permanent job. Those in their early 30s are seen, by some, to be the new 20's. I am one of those - lots of education - before the workforce. I know people with PhDs who talk about part of the maturation process not happening for years because of being in school.

I hope in 10 years I will still be seeking God's mercy.


Mimi said...

I hope in 10 years I will still be seeking God's mercy.

I LOVE this! Thank you.

Our cat is about 13, and doing great!

elizabeth said...

thank you!

what is your Cat's name?

Mimi said...

I have two - our oldest (the 13 year old) is Orca - surprisingly she's a grey and black tabby. She is my oldest son's cat, and he named her when he was six. We got her from the pound then, she was about two.

Our youngest, the calico that was on my blog a few weeks ago, is Bridget Sunflower. She was named by my youngest - she's his cat.

elizabeth said...

nice! i think it is nice when one can have two cats so that they are less lonely... however, Cleo is Cat enough for me, esp. with a small apartment!

Thanks for sharing :)