Friday, June 06, 2008

Sometimes I wonder...

...If others feel that they have to rebuild their lives at least once a week.

In so many ways it seems I can never keep up with myself or my life - from dishes, cleaning house, doing errands to inward focus on Christ and prayer.

Today I have a very full day and I pray that God will uphold me in it.

One week left and I train for my new job in Toronto for 4 days. I am staying in a fancy hotel, have an ample daily food stipend but, as I was telling my Mom about this, I felt she got it in one: I can stay in an amazing hotel, have super classy food, but I will be alone. With God of course, and I pray my Guardian Angel and the Saints. But without human company.

I find this to be difficult.

I am going to try to make the best of it though. I am hoping to get a digital camera that is small and a new purse/black bag. I have already begun the summer office-clothes shopping, as I will be in a corporate setting. I found a nice linen white skirt, just long enough to cover the knees and a nice white top to wear under summer jackets. The plan is to complete my shopping next week Monday.

My friend Rob also posed this question, but I need to know too - any advice on a nice small digital camera with good battery life and memory card? It is time for me to invest in one.

Oh, and any one have advice on nice things to see in Toronto around the Union Station area? I have some ideas, but would love to hear other's thoughts!

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elizabeth said...

FYI - I got a camera. A nice small Sony. I looked up consumer reports and then went to a camera shop. My new camera has great zoom and a wide angled lens... I am excited! The battery is charging right now...