Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My foot MUST get better... (plus Cleo pictures)

Above is my foot being elevated and iced. VERY THRILLING I know. It has been my view since Saturday morning.

I am really hoping that I am on the mend. I just hobbled about and my foot did not hurt as much when I was upright. I am hoping this is a real improvement, i.e. not because it is numbed by ice. I am getting really bored and am increasingly enthusiastic and anxious to get back on my feet, or to walk well on crutches. Besides, I want to buy that Black Bag that I did not buy the morning of the accident.

Since my main activity this week has been sitting in bed, I took lots of pictures of Cleo, the Cutest Cat in Canada. Here are two of my favourites:

Cleo the Introspective Cat

Cleo the Curious Cat

Clearly she is the the Cutest Cat in Canada. :)

My sister has a friend who has been on bed rest for a long time now, as her pregnancy is high risk. I did not realize what a blessing my sister is to this friend and what it means to only be able to get up to use the bathroom. Even I can get up and get ice in my kitchen. (Mind you my apartment is a total to 2 rooms plus bathroom, i.e. small and easily navigable).

I did not know what it is like to be dependant on visitors, to not be able to just walk out the door and get my mail, go for a walk. I really hope that these 5 days (thus far) will make me grateful for every step I am able to take...

The last two nights have been hard - my foot seems to hurt the most then. Perhaps because it was being iced as much as it is during the day.

Here's to hoping that by tomorrow I can call my employer (who I called on Tuesday) and say I am coming, even if it is on crutches. I just want to resume my life!

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