Monday, June 09, 2008

My Cat Cleo

Well, about 4 hours before I got my foot run over, I bought a digital camera. Here is a picture I took of Cleo while lying in bed, with foot elevated and being iced. She is Cute. You must admit.
It has been really hot here - I have woken up not only feeling very sore and stiff from the accident, but incredibly parched. Every glass of water that my friends have given me has reminded me of Christ's words... giving a glass of water in His name.
A dear and valued friend of mine installed my A/C today while I sat gingerly on a chair, foot iced on a pillow on chair. I ordered us pizza for lunch and now my kitchen is cooling off.
This morning the family that adopted me here called and brought me breakfast - hot buckwheat, tomatoes and cold chicken - a very Slavic morning meal - all that was missing was a glass of red wine or vodka!
I am so blessed.

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Mimi said...

Whohooooo! She's beautiful! I've been waiting to see a photo of her!