Friday, June 13, 2008

I never realized how wonderful fresh air and sunshine is

Yesterday was a perfect slightly warm sunny blue skied day. It was the first day outside of my apartment in over 5 days.

I managed to go down 4 flights of stairs (no elevator in my building) to get to my doctor. Turns out, after she read the Emerg. report with X-rays that I have TWO fractures in my foot. I went back to the E.R. for reassessment and was given an air cast and a prescription for a pain killer. It helped a little last night. She also told me to stay home another week before going to training.

One of my good friends brought me dinner, Slavic style:

I've been told it will be 4-6 weeks before I am totally better. This is good news, but it is hard too. I will have to walk to work on crutches (4-5 city blocks one way) (I know, it could be worse)...

I am needing to learn to live only in the present and not worry about the next day or week - I know that this is a spiritually valuable lesson - but no easy.

For now, I am dependant on people for most things - i.e. food, washing my dishes, laundry (5 floors down w.o elevator does not work with crutches) and visiting me. This is also not easy.

But I felt so hopeful when I was outside, with a friend. It did not matter that it was only to see the doctor and go back to hospital. I had to wait until around 3.30 pm to eat lunch (in case I needed surgery to re-adjust a bone in my foot, Thank God I did not need this) and the Tim Horton's chicken sandwich, OJ and Boston Cream Donut never tasted so good! Even though I was in the ER waiting room with ice, sitting in a wheelchair.

Tim Hortons is one of the good things about being Canadian.

I am seeking to stay grateful and thankful.

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Mimi said...

Arg, I'm so sorry to hear of the fracture (but congratulations on negotiating the stairs, I just gave up after falling down them, and crawled)

And, Tims, yum!