Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Thinking about Lucy's courage in Prince Caspian

As my Husband and I did the second day driving today,
we listened to a lot of Prince Caspian.
And in it, Lucy has to wake up the others
in the middle of the night, to tell them that Aslan the Lion
wishes them to go with him
and she knows they will not be able to see him and 
that they will resent being woken.
But she resolves not to think about it but
"just do it" and goes forth and does just that.
I felt like leaving home yesterday,
saying goodbye to my Mom and Dad,
was like that.
I did feel that it was time to return, 
that I was stronger and as ready as I would be.
But it was hard nonetheless, 
knowing that we will, as far as everyone knows,
be missing Christmas with them this year
and that it will be, as far as we know,
at least 8 months before we meet again. 
Tomorrow we hope to resume our lives,
and this Sunday we are in a wedding;
we are the wedding sponsors, which is akin to
being godparents of their wedding/marriage. 
And tonight, finally, after prayers, after putting everything,
almost everything anyway, away, 
the house is quiet, with quiet cheering lights
and soon, I go, I hope, to bed.


Granny Marigold said...

I can imagine how hard it was to leave your parents knowing how long it could well be until you see them again. Take care of yourself and be extra kind to yourself when you miss your folks so you can stay well.

Lisa said...

I just read Prince Caspian recently - never read the Narnia series before. I really liked it.