Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Back: traveling during a pandemic

It happened fairly quickly,
PA and OH became safe to drive through, 
MI numbers in my parents area got better;
we decided to go for it; 
so the day after we were in NYC we began
a 2 day drive to Michigan, to my parents house.
For various reasons, including honouring my Husband's wishes,
I can't blog before hand about when we leave. 
We just leave and live in a different dimension;
as in with family; a whirl of visits; my Husband working from my
parent's home; while my Mom, my cousin and I found the dress
I will wear in the wedding that is the weekend after we get get back to NJ.
Later my Mom and I went shopping for a tie for my Husband to wear
to match my dress for the wedding.
I went to the Dutch store, 2 thrift stores, 1 twice.
I found two cute dressy outfits; one cream, a jacket and skirt; 
one a sheath long dress in linen and rayon with a jacket 
(the first was 7.50 the second one was only a dollar! The thrift store
was getting rid of their summer inventory!) 
I got BEAUTIFUL dishes from my Great Aunt P. who moved from her home.
I got lots of meals with parents.
I got to see my sister and family twice; my Grandma 4 times; my Uncle 3,
another Aunt and Cousin once; 
stores, churches visited, all while wearing masks. 
We went up north Michigan and saw my Husband's parents;
saw Husband's 3 Aunts, his parents, two of his siblings; various nieces and nephews.
A bed and breakfast (with safe protocols) for 2 nights while in Northern MI.
We had our 8th wedding anniversary dinner with my Husband's parents there.
I took many walks; drank in the green that was everywhere, the beautiful hills; the trees;
struggled with the fact that we would have to return to NJ where there is not such
beauty, such green as much as the eye can see. 
I brainstormed in a journal about how to manage the coming season and the unknown;
how much loneliness, isolation; are we going to have?
Can I keep remembering this summer, hold out for it to come again,
hold out for better days; to remember to be thankful and look for thankfulness everywhere. 
I pray I can, that I will.


Mary said...

WELCOME BACK!!!! And YES, Elizabeth, you CAN hold on! No question in my mind. Just look at the litany of treasures you bore witness to in this very beautiful post. Warm, beautiful, luscious, unforgettable family togetherness !!! I smiled the whole time I read it!I re-read it to re-enjoy it twice! What a glorious blessing and reprieve from all this current "Sinai" we find ourselves tramping around in. Revel in these precious memories. They will come again. And you most certainly will 'hold on'. God is with us. God bless you and Mr. Husband.

Martha said...

So glad to hear you had a nice trip and enjoyed all the time with family and greenery. I look forward to hearing more about the upcoming wedding.