Saturday, February 08, 2020

A Lovely Ladies Luncheon

New beeswax candles glowing in the early morning....

 Breakfast at the counter as I set the table for the luncheon the day before...

Chicken and Biscuits with Cream Gravy (recipe from Betty Crocker 1956 cookbook
for the chicken!).  I used Marion Cunningham's Rescue Biscuits for the biscuit part.

Salad with delicious maple goats cheese, bacon, walnuts and dried cherries.
My friend brought the toppings! And another friend brought the fruit salad!
And my other friend came an hour early and helped me in the kitchen,
which was a life-saver of help! 

I was about an hour I think behind on the meal; I did my best
and I know I did my best and everyone was happy
and it was really delicious... 

My one friend brought 2 Russian treats, a marshmallow confection and a 
wafer cookie treat! 

 I also had the Godiva cookies, chocolate covered ginger cookies by Walkers, 
and Trader Joe's Christmas dark chocolates. 

I had the salted caramel chocolate, it was really good. :)
It was a lovely luncheon and we all talked up a storm and really
enjoyed listening to each other's thoughts and stories... 

My paperwhites are blooming!!! I am thrilled about that! 

We had leftovers for dinner after vespers! 
I have most of the dishes cleaned up now; Mr Husband helped and 
we did 2 loads of dishwasher dishes and I washed almost all the ones
that need to be washed by hand.
I have a busy week ahead; still trying to pace myself; 
doing my best to do so.
I woke up with the song
this is the day that the Lord have made
I will rejoice and be glad in it... 
and was humming it all morning...
Sometimes I forget that we are called to be glad
and rejoice... 
May God help us all and have mercy
and bring us to Himself, our life and our Joy.


Granny Marigold said...

A lovely ladies luncheon! I'm sure that your friend that came early to help was very appreciated. There are so many last minute things that need to be done!

Elizabethd said...

Ladies luncheons are so nice, fellowship and lovely food go so well together!

Nancy said...

Salted caramel dark chocolate is wonderful. Just one piece once in a great while makes it taste even better.

Lisa Richards said...

That was quite a gathering! Looks like you did a beautiful job! Leftovers are a good thing! :)

Lisa said...

Friendly get-togethers are so nice. So necessary! I'm glad you had some help, too.