Thursday, February 20, 2020

A Lot Done Quickly

So much was done today on the homemaking front. 
2 loads laundry, 3 loads total done, folded and put away.
2 loads of dishes in dishwasher.
3 meals, 2 I prepared for were done today.
The humidifier water, refilled.
Other dishes put away.
A nap in the afternoon!
Paperwork done.
Other online errands done.
My Husband worked from home today and I felt
that I was busy from morning to night,
though I had a nap too, needed,
after everything of yesterday.
As much clarification I feel I can give about yesterday's court case.
My sister and brother-in-law still have a chance to adopt their 
foster son, the half-brother of their already adopted daughter.
However, the Judge threw in a lot of unexpected wretches in 
such a plan and made it clear that he is not really thinking
of the child himself, currently 7 months old, and what would be best
(in terms of stable, loving, safe home).
That's all I feel I can say, other than to ask your prayers.
So I think L moved today, I did find out she did not move yesterday
as some other things happened since I saw her on Sunday.
Tomorrow I hope to finally make this lamb roll dish.
That dish is in part why I worked so hard to get so much done today,
so I can have a lot of tomorrow to do this without hurrying. 
I feel that this alone is a blessing, to be able to something, I hope,
without hurrying.
I was reading more of the then Princess Ileana of Romania's book,
I Live Again today... I am getting towards the end of the book,
a very good and worthwhile read.
Wow the suffering though, the deprivation of so many;
and how she worked day and night for others.... 
Speaking of Princess Ileana of Romania, 
She later became Mother Alexandra and founded a 
Monastery in Ellwood City PA.
I have been listening to their services online recently
and have found them, as is not surprising,
to be very encouraging and peace-giving.
You can watch them here
They are streamed LIVE and archived as well.
I am planning 3 meals now in the next 1.5 weeks that we will have at
least one person over for dinner.
I am glad though, it part of my preparation for Great Lent this year...
The tea pictured, I bought yesterday...
I am still not sure how to describe it but I realized,
as I was falling asleep for my nap, that
the flavour somehow reminded me of my Aunt H's home when
I was a kid, as if I had something that either tasted like it
or had a similar smell... I never had black tea as child so it surely was not that!
I am really thankful for the Russian cookies, esp when they are vegan.
Life, it keeps on going by so quickly...
May God have mercy on us!!! 

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Mat. Anna said...

That’s a very busy day!!!