Sunday, June 25, 2017

This Week ~ Struggles and Hopes

This week was a challenging one.
I felt like I slid into a pit....
Summer colds came to our house.
I've not been too congested but very fatigued. 
Yesterday I woke up, had breakfast, did prayers
and feel asleep again until Mr Husband woke me at 1 PM!
And I was so sleepy still!
It had just been a difficult week, 
and yesterday night late, I went to our library 
and prayed and got out the book on St John
and read much of my favourite parts, written by the 
lady in France who knew him so well. 
That comforted me greatly.
Today I watched this video about him
and learned new things about his life
and enjoyed it. 

I watched liturgy this morning again from home,
it was super special as they had a beautiful choir singing.
I watched their concert later too,
it was really nice.
I linked to both of these above...
the first song they did for liturgy (it's a bit into the video as they do prayers
before liturgy) was very moving.
We could really use your prayers for health 
here at my home.
I go to the doctor Tuesday and have a list of 
It will be 7 weeks this week since the accident
but boy does it seem like a lot longer.
I really want to be the lady and mistress of my house again.
Nothing is where it should be, it seems;
Mr Husband and I both miss my cooking;
I miss walking and having baths,
and being able to quick go get something or be at 
my computer (I can't fit in my work station so I just 
use my chrome book) or go to my craft closet
or make tea, wash dishes or set the table. 
And use my pretty dishes and silver-plated silverware! 
And tea cups! 
It could be another 2 weeks before I am able to put
any weight on my foot.
I loved the first 3 seasons of When Calls the Heart,
just wanted to be sure I mentioned that :)
I can't wait to see more!
I watched a bit of The Crown, not sure yet fully what I think of it
though I enjoyed the first part that I saw...I know that it will not
all be easy to see though, so put it on hold for now...
I am so thankful for Mr Husband and our marriage.
I love him so much....
he's really my best friend and it is 
wonderful to share the ups and downs of life together.
Just praying that our life will have more 'ups' soon.
It's been a difficult year, to say the least...
But God is with us and so many
are suffering such sorrows....
we are in no way immune from this
and I feel so much for so many who I know
have such heavy burdens...


Helensmamma said...

Hello Elizabeth,
Firstly,you have done so VERY well! It is normal and allowed for spirits to flag. I empathise reference not being mistress of your home,I broke me heel many years ago,so frustrating.
I found seeing the day in clear increments helpful,something I do now I'm retired. know I'm praying for your good healing,body and soul.
Warm wishes
Ann Marie

Nancy said...

I'm so sorry you're going through this struggle. Praying for strength for you and Mr. Husband

elizabeth said...

Thank you so much Ann-Marie, you are such an encouragement to me!

Thank you Nancy!!!

Anonymous said...

I meant to comment when I first read this a couple of days ago. I am also sorry that you are experiencing this. Praying for peace for you and Mr. Husband as well as good physical health. I loved reading the excerpts about St. John of Shanghai. Very moving and accessible.

2016lillies said...

Count your blessings and maybe this will make the trick. I'm in no position to give any advice so I'll pray for you and husband.