Tuesday, June 06, 2017

And about today...

"Central to Orthodox asceticism is the work of opening space in ourselves between our desires and our actions.  If every desire we have triggers an action we take -- if, for example, every time I feel a touch of hunger I put something in my mouth -- then two disastrous effects follow.

First, our desires soon come to steer all our relations with the natural world in that they world becomes the materialization of all our desires and all of our hungers -- and, in that sense, the world is dematerialized into these desires and hungers.

The second effect that follows when we fail to open space between our desires and our actions is that our selfhood becomes, in time, something like an entirely closed system of autonomous desire and autonomous satisfaction, a system wherein (once again), the natural world is dematerialized and unmade."

~Donald Sheehan page 57 Grace of Incorruption

My quilting friend came today and we had such nice talks...
she's leaving at the end of July with her Husband for a new
job for him, we've known about this for a long time,
but it does not make it easier.
But it was real nice visiting with her.
I am real glad to have her as a friend.
It was a rougher night's sleep last night, 
so I was a bit sleepy today.
I finished The Two Mrs Abbots and that
was really lovely.
I am glad to be, God willing,
one day closer to being well again.
I hope to write up a reflection on the quotation I wrote for today.
I wrote it in my journal months ago but never typed it up.
In time I hope to.
My days are full with various visits and such.
There are so many struggling.
May God have mercy on us all. 

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