Sunday, June 04, 2017

Striving for inward balance

I am slowly trying to regain a little bit of 
what I have lost.
So I am looking through a journal I was doing last year
when I was reading some spiritual books and writing down
gems from it.
Here's a few of them.


"Humanity was made in the image of the Trinity, Who is the ultimate image of love.  God is love because He is Trinity.  But if God is love, then He is also freedom, for love can only be freely given."  by Fr. V. P. in Journey to the Kingdom page 102

"A beautiful line in LXX Psalm 21 catches St. Isaac's meaning, "those who seek Him will praise the Lord, their hearts will live forever." (1:26) ~ Donald Sheehan Grace of Incorruption page 44

[Our lives end without a trace] "So it is with us, but not with the great saints.  We live for ourselves, but they so completely lived for others that when their earthly life had ended, the Lord gave them power to continue to stay in this world, as if He raised them ever before the general resurrection."  Fr. Alexander Men An Inner Step Towards God page 99

"Again, if we ask Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker now for prayers and for help, we should consider not only asking for something but also of giving something, by doing something human, divine, and Christian in our life." Fr. Alexander Men An Inner Step Towards God page 99

..."it is not that we must "rehabilitate" a ruined house; it is, rather, that we must in some way come to reinhabit the fully intact Orthodox theological home that Western culture abandoned -- to it's great grief -- more than a thousand years ago."  page 45 Donald Sheehan  Grace of Incorruption 

[On St Tikhon of Zadonsk] "He was a man of such terrible health and was often so weak that he could not even walk without assistance from others.  He served as Bishop only for four years. The rest of the time, he had to stay at home and rest, almost like a hermit.  So as not to forsake his ministry, he wrote books..." page 101 Fr. Alexander Men An Inner Step Towards God page 99


I am hoping to reorganize my things (for on the bed) so that
I can do a bit more reading and writing
and have something to work towards while I am 
here on bed rest.

Please pray for me though, 
as I often try to do something better and
well, get knocked off again,
as I wrote about.
I know we all go through this.

May the Lord have mercy on us!


Blessed Pentecost to you all!


Helensmamma said...

Elizabeth,don't be too hard on yourself,you are recovering from a nasty fracture and loss of many daily freedoms we take for granted.
Rely on the Holy Spirit,sent down to help and encourage at this time of Pentecost.
Very best encouragement and warm wishes,
Ann Marie

Jennifer Hays said...

HI Elizabeth, I'm just catching up with your blog and I'm so sorry about your broken leg. I hope you're all healed very soon. Take care.