Friday, June 02, 2017

Re-cast and thinking about God's love

Well, I got just the kindest gift today.
I can't wait to read more about St. Anthony.
write letters with the beautiful stationary, use the bookmark, icons and I treasure that tea and 
the beautiful crocheted (octagons? I did not count sides) behind the tea! 
Ever since this year was about to begin,
and we knew for various reasons before it began that
it would be a harder year,
though all the illness we could not of foreseen,
and the message I kept getting was 
God loves you. When you are afraid, tell God,
I am not yet replete with Your Love, Fill me Lord with Your love,
where-ever I have fear.
And now that I have my broken ankle,
I just get so blessed with cards and such meaningful gifts
that speak again and again of love and of being loved and of
God's mercy and love for me,
a stumbling sinner.
Well, I have a cast again.
I don't fully disagree with the doctor's reasons esp as my bone
is not knit back together again.
I am doing some medical research and hope to understand more.
So I will have the cast for 4 weeks minus 1 day.
And I can't do weight bearing even with the boot until July 15 or so.
I was a bit teary about the long time but am better again now.
This week's help was so great and she made me 
crepes today to comfort me in my new cast, 
that was so nice.
Tomorrow I am going to try to have ice cream - 
it's going to be a fast-free week! 
well, till later!


Helensmum said...

How frustrating!i pray the new cast is more comfortable and heals the fracture.
Sending prayers and well wishes
Ann Marie

Pom Pom said...

Praying your bone mends this time. God be with you.

Paula said...

Sorry you didn't get the air-boot to make life easier. When my sister broke her collar bone the bones didn't heal for the longest time either. Try to be patient. I'm glad you've got such lovely ladies taking care of you while Mr. Husband is at work. Take care, my friend.

shoreacres said...

Sometimes I see the strangest things. Looking at your photos, I had to smile when I noticed that your new cast and your wonderful crepes are the same color! You should draw strawberries and bananas on your cast! I h ope all goes well, and the cast does what it's supposed to.

elizabeth said...

Thanks everyone!!! Yes, I am so greatful for the care I have at home ...

Ann Marie - thank you so very much! It's a not too bad yet, but new casts are easier than older ones!!!

Pom Pom ~ thank you very much!

Paula ~ yes, patience is what I need to work on, Lord help me!

Shoreacres, thanks! Your words brought cheer to me!

karen said...

I am so sorry you are re casted. I pray for healing and for time to move much more quickly!!