Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Progress ~ the cast is off!

Oh My Goodness 
what a morning we had!
At the very last minute my doctor's appointment
was moved up,
we could not get anyone to help me down the stairs,
I did them by myself .... it was tiring but we made it...
I did get transport help back, 
though it was not exactly what I had asked for... 
we made it...
I was so tired when we got back, 
Lord have mercy!
So no more cast!
Air cast/boot.
I can't bear weight on it for 2 more weeks but
I can put my foot DOWN!
I can sit at a table naturally!
I can take the air cast OFF.
A dear friend of mine sent a wonderful 
craft-care package to me!
I can't wait to make some cards, esp.
as I can sit at the table now...
no more days on end sitting in bed, what a blessing.
I think I am esp excited about this as I did not know
I would be 'allowed' to put my foot down on the ground yet.
Well. Other than this, 
I can say that our house is weary.  
My Husband could use prayers for bolstering up about now.
He's valiant as always, but it's not been an easy road for him
with all of this. 
A friend of ours, a dear local friend,
sent us a wonderful pot of barley and mushroom soup.
To help us as summer colds and all came.
We had some for dinner, it was so wonderful.
Well, I must try to get some sleep.  
I am so glad to have some progress to report.
And we finished our 2nd card to our Munchkin 
who is overseas again for the rest of the summer...
God bless you all and thank you all for your comments on the last
posts, while I am not always able to respond to each one,
they are all treasured and greatly appreciated! 


Helensmamma said...

How unexpected reference the cast!Be easy on yourselves,a home can be put to rights soon enough when you are recovered.
I posted your care package,the post office says 5-7 days from the U.K. But we shall see.
Every best wish
Ann Marie

Paula said...

What good news! It must feel wonderful to be able to 'air' your foot for a while, let alone sit up. Keep resting. Prayers and good wishes.

elizabeth said...

Thanks so very much Ann Marie! I am so excited for this, thank you!

Paula, it does indeed! :) I will keep resting, don't worry. But now I can sit and colour or paint or make cards! :)))

Elizabethd said...

That will make your life so much easier and more pleasant. But don't be tempted to do too much to begin with.

karen said...


Gloriade said...

Good News Elizabeth! Congratulations! That's one big step forward and must feel very freeing just to be able to move around. Will pray for good health and returned vitality for both you and your sweet husband.

elizabeth said...

Elizabethd - yes, am being careful! I can't bear any weight on it for 2 more weeks yet, but can sit with my foot down....

Thanks Karen!

Gloriade, thanks!!! I can't move around in terms of walking at all yet but at least I can sit with my foot down... and that is a big deal! :)

Tracy said...

Oh, such WONDERFUL news, Elizabeth! What a relief even this little change must be--to have thr heaviness of that cast off! Hopefully that boot is a bit lighter. And to be able to sit up more... oh, how good! Almost there... But try not to do too much too soon. ;) And such lovely treats to cheer your days. I have a weakness for paper goods, so those look very fun! Good to catch up with you. It's been a busy few days on this end, but good...and then hubby had vacation starting next week, so online time has been sporadic at the moment. Be resting well, and taking good care there. May God Bless you and ypur husband suring the "home stretch" with your foot! :)). ((LOVE & HUGS))

Lisa said...

Well, Elizabeth! You made it this far!! xoxo The end is in sight, isn't it?

shoreacres said...

I'm so happy for you! Being able to sit at a table to do crafts, or eat, or be at the computer must be just wonderful -- not to mention not having that heavy cast to cope with. It's so hard to be patient, but it seems to me you've done wonderfully well -- and your husband, too. This will be the time to take extra care, and not become over-eager. One step at a time -- literally and figuratively!

Anonymous said...

I share the joy of others who have commented. I know this has been a very long stretch for you, especially coming on the heels of the winter illness.What a dear friend to send a lovely craft care package.
Prayers for continued recovery and so glad to see you writing again at Conciliar Press!

Nancy said...

Happy to hear the cast is off! I hope it's an encouragement to you and Mr. Husband.

Nancy said...

Happy to hear the cast is off! I hope it's an encouragement to you and Mr. Husband.

Come Away With Me said...

Hooray, the cast is off! I'm very happy for you.