Thursday, June 29, 2017

St Phanourios and how he found me a Husband

Finally after 7 months I am writing again
This post is how St. Phanourios found me my Husband...
"there I was, with my dear sister-friend on our way to the monastery in Quebec on a beautifully sunny day… she was expecting her third child, I was about to start a new job,we were happy to be going to the monastery together….and I was emailing “this man from New Jersey!” I was so excited when I realized that it was St. Phanourios’ day! They had the bread for him out in the courtyard. I went into the small beautiful chapel there, and saw a small icon of St. Phanourios propped up on the ledge by the icon of Christ on their iconostasis 8. While I had prayed formal prayers to St. Phanourios before, that day my prayer was much more spontaneous. It went like this: “please, please, please, I really like him, his name is ___, please, please, please, I really like him…He’s Orthodox! … please, please, please….” "

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Shelby said...

Maybe I should talk to St. Phanourios. ☺️

Tracy said...

Oh, how wonderful... so much enjoyed your Conciliar article and how much you shared in it. Such a beautiful life and love story is yours, Elizabeth! God is sooo good! His continued blessings upon you both! :) ((HUG))

Gloriade said...

Wow Elizabeth. What a beautiful and God centered story of meeting and marrying your husband. God is so good and faithful as we rely fully on him. Thank you for sharing that.